The Angel Educational Centre, Anand, Gujarat, India is one of the renowned schools in The Milk Capital of India, Anand. The school was founded in 1986, by a group of philanthropists namely Dr. Bakulbhai R Joshi, Mr. Chandubhai V. Doshi, Mrs. Ramaben C. Doshi, Mr. Bhagwanprasad M. Dave, Mr. Bharatbhai M. Patel, Mrs. Damyantiben R. Patel, Mr. Prayashvin S. Patel and Mr. Ramanbhai C. Patel. The school has successfully completed twenty five years now. As per the trend, the school follows the concept of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation i.e. grading system, for the overall development of each and every child. We assess our children at regular intervals through comprehensive evaluation of competencies along with the evaluation of non-cognitive aspects like attitudes, appreciation, interests, personal and social qualities, ets. Each child is treated as an individual and given utmost importance.

The school was conceptualized in the year 1986. Initially, there were fifty students. The school did not have adequate facilities. But that did not affect the teaching-learning process much. Our educators worked whole-heartedly. As a result, admissions poured in. Within a few years, our Honourable Trustees managed to get two buildings constructed. Now, proudly we can say that the school has the strength of more than 1200 students. We firmly believe that it’s only due to the dedicated services of our educators which led the school to carve a niche for itself in the realm of knowledge.


The ideology of Angel Educational Centre may be summed up in two shlokas
समानी व् आकूित समाना दयानि वहम – ऋग्वेद
One in mind and one in heart – May our hearts be in unison and may one’s thoughts be harmonious to achieve ones goal-where each lives and lets others live a more purposeful life. May this be the atmosphere in the school where spirit of healthy competition prevails and we may live together with happiness and hilarity.
न हि ज्ञानेन सदशम प्रवित्रमिहि विध्यते – भगवद गीता
Certainly, there is nothing in this universe as pure as knowledge- May this be the mission that guides our students so that they never stop drinking from the fountain of knowledge in all its forms-curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular.


  • We believe in collaboration and professional growth as a way of life where every one knows they are respected and safe.
  • Each individual is unique and deserves the opportunity to achieve his.her potential.
  • Diversity strength indivisual and community.
  • To achieve rigorous academic standards.
  • To provide safe and trusting environment.